IMPACT Article of the Month

A new award established with the formation of Backbench ‘2.0’, our IMPACT Article of the Month award is granted to the article that most effectively challenges established thought on a political, social or economic topic – either through its general argument, use of powerful prose, or investigative content.



The award winner for a particular month is announced early in the succeeding month by our editorial team.

Article of the Month Archive

October '12 - August '14


Article of the Year Archive

Our Article of the Year archive displays work granted with our most prestigious honour. As in the case of our Article of the Month award, these articles were selected due to their lucidity, clarity and effective use of evidence. The winners were chosen from those articles granted with our monthly award.


This award was handed out on two occasions. The winner in 2012 was Soila Apparicio with her article 'Youth Parliament and the House of Commons'. In 2013, the award was presented to Jack Hillcox for his article 'What did the British ever do for us?'.


Commentator of the Year Archive

This award was granted to the Backbench Commentator who had produced the most high standard work during a calendar year. Quality and quantity were assessed symbiotically, with consistency also being a key determinant.

This award was presented to two individuals; Robert Walmsley in 2012, and Marc Winsland in 2013. The former is now the site Strategy Manager, whereas the latter is a Commentator.