Blue Blood

27 Nov 2012

There has been an ongoing debate for years about the background and status of the leaders that run the UK. Many of the MP’s and ministers come from a privileged and comfortable lifestyle. For example, David Cameron has the typical higher middle-class background that many average day working people aim to have. David probably did have a silver spoon in his mouth when he was born. His blue blood relations go back to King Charles, and he is related to Boris Johnson. Cameron was educated at the public institution of Eton and Graduated from Oxford with a PPE degree. All these attributes that the Prime Minister has, add to the belief that the government still remains undoubtedly elitist.


Now, this is the problem that I have. I have nothing against people who are born into privilege and wealth. It actually motivates myself to work harder so that my family can live a comfortable lifestyle. However, I feel insulted when Members of Parliament feel that they can empathise with people who are poor and not from the same social background. How can they when some of them have never stepped foot in a council estate?

I cannot imagine David Cameron, Theresa May or Eric Pickles having a clue of how hard it is for the average working individual. Nadine Dorries suggested that David Cameron does not know the “price of milk”. And it is sad that this suggestion is most probably true.

The difference between the “elite” and the average UK individual is that we needto know this information for everyday life. We need to know the price of milk, we need to know the price of petrol and we need to know the ridiculous price of Freddos. 

But Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne do not. Therefore, I do not feel that they are in the position to make judgements on how hard it is for the rest of the population. The only way I will believe that ministers are genuine about their concern for the average working person is when they experience it. This means seeing how single parent families survive and how people who have been made redundant live. 

David Cameron’s speech on “spreading privilege” was flawed on many levels. There is still a gap between the middle class and the working class even though there is supposedly equality of opportunity and a ‘meritocracy’.  Why is it that the majority of ministers are privately and Oxbridge educated? Is there a hope in the future for a state schooled Prime Minister? Well, we can only hope. I feel that the Conservative Party is not helping to beat the stereotype of the party being filled with middle class white men- which is beginning to become a plague for the Tories. Unfortunately, they still have a long way to go to rid themselves of it.

By Mems Ayinla


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