Salvation for women bishops and gay marriage

21 Dec 2012

Seeing as though it is Christmas time I thought I’d try to incorporate these topical religious issues into an article. So here it goes.

As we all know Christmas is predominantly a religious time of year where people come together to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. However, when thinking about people coming together, one religion has recently been doing the opposite, I am of course referring to The Church Of England.


As we’re all aware the Church of England has been in the news a lot over the past couple of months with regards to Women Bishops and Gay Marriage- two major issues that have made such a controversial impact. We all know Christmas is a high point in the calendar for Christians, but is also the busiest time of year for clergy across all the religions. However, what we need to bear in mind while the male Clergy are seen to be doing the more prestigious events, is that behind every great man there is a great woman, a quote that many people, not just of faith, seem to forget.  Personally I’d like to see women bishops within The Church of England. The head of our country is a woman, so why can’t our country have women bishops? While a religion is divided with an equality issue how do they expect to unite everyone at this festive period?

On top of this, the vote against women bishops isn’t the only issue that is causing societal uproar. The topic of Equal Marriage is also an issue that has truly divided so many people across the board- probably like this article will. I am personally for equal marriage but think it shouldn’t be forced on any religion to conduct. However, the Church of England making it illegal out of choice is unacceptable. The Church of England is allowed to say no to certain heterosexual couples wanting to get married, so it should be the same for same sex couples, there shouldn’t be an irrational rejection of all. Regardless of my opinion it’s a topic that will continue to cause controversy.

So with all this controversy how does the Church of England plan on uniting everyone again at this high point in their year?  Have they gone too far already and pushed too many people away? Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration, not a time for leaving women and homosexuals out in the cold. 

What about the good things they do at this time of year?  What about the Salvation Army, people that dedicate their time to make sure people are safe, dry and warm over the Christmas period, making sure no one goes hungry or left out. How do they provide such a service? Well that’s an easy question, with our donations. Even non-Christians donate to help.  Now that’s what you call truly uniting. 

With that in mind, should we just put aside the last few months’ events and truly unite over Christmas? It’s a question only you can answer, but my answer is yes. Change needs to happen, but to do so we must first focus on the unity and kinship that the Christmas period provides, and perhaps then the Church will realise that the phrase ‘we are all equal in the eyes of God’ also applies to women and homosexuals.

By Michaella Philpot

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