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27 Dec 2012

So, the day after Boxing Day has arrived, the Royale Family has been watched, the turkey has been eaten and the Christmas hangover has set in- just at the point at which the relatives have reached their peak level of annoyance. However, here at Backbench we have some information which might just help you to recapture some of the rapidly evaporating Christmas joy before the New Year. I refer to the upcoming awards which we are set to give out at the start of the New Year. These consist of- December Article of the Month, 2012 Commentator of the Year and 2012 Article of the Year.


In terms of the Article of the Month for December, this award will be announced on the 3rd January, accompanied by an Editorial piece as usual, however, for this month only, the author of the chosen article will also be given a Backbench mug, such as the one we have displayed on Twitter. It will be a late Christmas present, but obviously one of the best they will ever have received. Once the winning article has been announced, the author will be e-mailed with delivery details and hopefully the (in)famous mug should be with them in less than twenty days. In all seriousness though, we would have loved to have given Backbench related presents to all our Commentators for Christmas as a sign of appreciation of their work, but we are obviously limited by the fact that we haven’t established any clear means of generating revenue, therefore, only one lucky person will be the recipient of a Christmas gift this time around.

Moving on to the ‘Commentator of the Year’ award for 2012, this will be announced on the 5th January, but unlike the Article of the Month award will not be accompanied by an Editorial piece. We recognise that due to the fact that Backbench was launched on the 30th August 2012 it has been a relatively short 2012 for us, but we still want to reward the commitment and quality demonstrated over the past four months and set a clear structure for future years by handing out this award. In terms of winning the award, a Commentator must have demonstrated consistency and quality, with several well written, evidenced and structured articles. Although, with so many people having produced so many good quality articles for Backbench so far, it is needless to say that it will be a tough decision, so don’t be disparaged if you are hopeful of winning but ultimately not successful.

Finally, we come on to the ‘Article of the Year’ award for 2012, which naturally holds much in common with the previous award mentioned. The winning article will need to be the most competently written, evidenced and structured, and will also be announced on the 5th January. However, where it differs is that the articles eligible will only be those to have previously won an ‘Article of the Month’ award during 2012. Meaning the Articles of the Month for September, October, November and December will be the particular pieces taken into consideration.

I must round off this brief summary by once again reiterating the level of appreciation I have for each and every article provided by our Commentators, not just the ones which win awards. Each article has not only helped to build the reputation of yourself and of Backbench as a whole but also of your fellow Commentators. During this time of the year, where the values of community and unity are embraced within society as a whole, we must recognise that Backbench is a community, a community where the individual can benefit and gain a reputation whilst working towards the collective goal of increasing engagement and changing politics for the better. A goal which we hope you will pursue with us throughout 2013 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sam Bright
Backbench Editor

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