Change in tactic needed for the Lib Dems

18 Mar 2013

The Liberal Democrats are in a sticky situation; Nick Clegg and his party have been struck by disaster after disaster, from Lord Rennard's sexual conduct allegations to the Chris Huhne scandal. The Conservatives have used the Liberal Democrats as scapegoat for all government policies that have gone wrong. The Liberal Democrats can't sit down and take this, they must change their tactics, they must make a stand, and they must show Britain that a more democratic Parliament will create a stronger country.


When studying the FPTP voting system, we are taught that one advantage of the system is that it creates a strong and stable government. How can we call a government where they steam-role policies without substantial debate astrong government? At the next election Liberal Democrats need to put it in to the peoples head to vote Yellow, under the premise that if they vote Yellow we can change the voting system to PR. PR will allow people to make their vote count and it will mean that those in need of representation will get representation. There will always be a need for quick decisions to be made, but the best decisions are those which are made through debate and careful consideration. I am not going to express my opinion on the Iraq war, yet bare this in mind- one million people marched through London in anti-Iraq war protest; many more who did not march were behind the protest. If the British government had the correct voting system (PR) this one million would have had representation, this one million would have had a voice in Parliament, this one million would have made a difference. Who knows what events we as a country may face in the future, but through all circumstances we need to be confident that we have a government where the British people's views are becoming the British government policies.

But how can the Liberal Democrats put this into action? By aiming at those who vote for the minority parties, and by aiming at those who vote Conservative and Labour because they feel their vote won't count if they vote for anyone else. People need to know that if they vote Liberal Democrat, they are voting for a party that truly represents them. Their vote wouldn't be a lie, because they are voting for a party that helps them get the representation they truly need.

The Liberal Democrat win in the Eastleigh by-election shows that we are not out of the running yet, the Lib Dems should push forward and split the Conservative and Labour votes to win as many seats as possible.

But what could go wrong if the Liberal Democrats took this path? If Britain did have a more representational Parliament- events that affect the country would put emotions before considerations. We would need to make sure we had experienced politicians in the mix, and therefore we could not have an elected upper chamber, the House of Lords would need to be made through appointments, to allow the debate and the emotions of the MPs, and their constituents, to be checked by the House of Lords.

Britain needs to change, Britain needs to become more democratic and stronger, and the Lib Dems have to stand up and make this happen.

By Justin Lines

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