What Thatcher and Thatcherism means to me

11 Apr 2013

The term Thatcher in my household is a swear word. Thatcherism is a concept that believes that there is no such thing as society, Thatcherism is a concept that believes that if you are poor it is because you are lazy and you deserve it, Thatcherism is a belief that the state should be atomistic and Thatcherism makes my blood boil. Britain does care about society, Britain does care about community, Britain is not selfish, and Britain definitely did not benefit from Thatcherism.


Though I was not born when Thatcher was in power, I still understand the mental and physical effects her government has had and continues to have until today. Communities are still broken and destroyed because of her doings and people have lost faith in politics. The way certain politicians have dealt with the matter has certainly been distasteful, but it needs to be understood that people cannot just forget what she did. There were many MPs under Thatcher’s government who have since described the pain and the anguish that her policies created. 

As I am of African heritage what hurts me the most is that a leader who supposedly represented women’s rights and equality named Mandela a terrorist. That really does say a lot. Yes, I give her respect as she was the first female prime minister, but she was an individualist, not a feminist. 

To make this a balanced argument, I do agree with some of her arguments for meritocracy and the belief that with hard work you can better yourself. However, I still maintain the belief that for one to better themselves when they have nothing, equality of opportunity is needed. A level playing field is needed and a helping hand is needed.

Do I agree that people should be dancing on her grave? NO, I do not, I actually feel disgusted by those who do so. BUT, I refuse to accept the argument that those who have suffered from her government should remain quiet.  As someone said on Twitter ‘So Thatcher is gone and Thatcherism is still alive and kicking, I really do wish it was the other way around’. 

By Mems Ayinla

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