The sad state of Scottish politics

27 Sep 2013

I was dismayed to say the least when I found out our MSPs were using parliamentary time to debate...'one year to go to the Ryder Cup'. Yes, that's right, over two hours of debate to talk about golf.

Now, don't get me wrong, there were some rather amusing tweets about yesterday's debate, (see below) but the fact precious parliamentary time is being used to share anecdotes of middle aged men's golfing experiences is quite frankly, an affront to Scottish politics.




I'm all for a little bit of fun, who isn’t, and the Twitter account @HolyroodMouse provides plenty of cheer, but this is one step too far. The state of Scottish politics has long been something that has mildly irritated me, from Joan McAlpine's ludicrous suggestion in the chamber that people who do not support independence are 'anti-Scottish', to the Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick's woeful attempts to maintain control during FMQs. The Scottish Parliament's committees, which are controlled by a majority of SNP MSPs, offer little in the way of scrutiny of parliamentary business. Working for three months last summer in Parliament, I'd come into work to find my inbox clogged full of motions praising village fairs. I'm sure the old ladies of Kirkcudbright appreciate recognition at this level, but surely there are more important issues at stake, like protecting the Scottish people from the bedroom tax?


With the latest budget released, which the Finance Minister himself has even called 'the budget for independence' shows that the SNP are only focused on one thing. Their tunnel vision towards independence, to use a now somewhat overused phrase, really has left Scotland on pause. Meanwhile, communities in the east end of Glasgow are struggling to get by, forced to choose between heating their home or feeding their children, while MSPs (paid a minimum of £57,000) are laughing and joking in the chamber about golf. No wonder so many working class people feel alienated by politics, and unless the Scottish Parliament pulls up its kilt, the situation will only get worse.

By Marian Craig


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