Just a big week won't do

1 Oct 2013

‘Stop right now, thank you very much. I need somebody with a human touch’. 

The wise words of the Spice Girls (no doubt solid political sociologists) are some which the Tory Party should very much listen to, and act upon. They’re now the thoughts of, for the most part, the entire electorate, as Ed Miliband steps up both his party’s and his own profile.


A predilection for emulating UKIP in some twisted belief that it’ll restore those voters to the party is marginalising many, annoying some and harming everyone (everyone who doesn’t have a chauffeur that is).

Like it or not, the Conservative Party are certainly the Nasty Party at the moment. Debt problems blamed on the poor and disabled, the subsequent bedroom tax and VAT rises; siding with the affluent a few too many times, changing the top rate of tax; the targeting of immigrants as some sort of pestilence we’d be better rid of. 

The Tories don’t just need a big week; they don’t just need a game changer, they need an entire change of direction.

It’s not unknown in politics that the centre ground rules all. There’s a simple strategy, and it may sound crazy to Tories who seem hell bent on alienating every possible electoral group in the country, but why don’t the Tories take the centre? You know, those people who (sort of) elected David Cameron in 2010; the people Cameron modelled his whole image on with the intent of captivating.

I like many have had enough of the Tory direction. They can either lose the ‘have to make hard choices’ act, or lose me.

I’m only being so scathing in this ‘attack’ on the Party because I know they’re the best Britain has. I know they could be successful and bring real prosperity, not just employment numbers on some paper.

More people are using food banks, the cost of living has dramatically increased, yet the focus of the Conservatives is to restrict immigration, isolate ourselves from our trading block, and blame problems on those who need help the most- taking away their benefits for good measure.

Why don’t the Tories instead, educate the public that less than 3% of benefit spending is lost due to fraud, JSA and council tax benefit? That over 47% goes on pensions- the Tory core vote, of course. 

Stop being the Nasty Party, be the pragmatic Party, the do what’s right for Britain Party, the Party of social justice- because the slump we’ve experienced is no-one’s fault and no-one should be left behind at food banks. 

For too long has Iain Duncan-Smith lauded the ‘peasantry’ for their ‘comfortable’ state income. 

For too long has Theresa May spoken ill of those with nothing but honest intentions and the hope of a better life. 

For too long have Cameron and Osborne let those who deserve more, receive less.

At this Party conference Mr Cameron shouldn’t ignite the right , but instead, should do what is right- for him and for all.

By Adam Isaacs

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