Editor's Pick: 13 Favourite Articles from 2013

31 Dec 2013

An editor must do a lot in a year. Reading. Re-reading. Altering. Reading alterations. Doing backup reading to make sure what you have read is accurate. Performing a reading test at the opticians because you have read so much you have damaged your eyes. However, although all this reading may damage your physical health, when a piece of writing grips your attention, and captures the essence of its designed subject, it provides a measurable relief from the pain of physical dysfunction.

Many Backbench articles have provided this grateful disruption to the existential terror of my editorial existence during the past year, and here is a 13-strong selection of my favourites.


1.   Michael Gove's vision of a History curriculum is wrong
      By Rory Claydon

2.   2085- The Year Democracy Ends?
      By Chi Onwurah MP

3.   The Iron Lady
      By Marc Winsland

4.   Terrorism: The global bogeyman in the closet
      By Jack Hillcox

5.   We are not makers of history. We are made by history.
      By Chante Joseph

6.   Our private school problem
      By Joshua Godfrey

7.   Political apathy, democracy and making politics sexy
      By Nicholas Byard

8.   Real Reform
      By Adam Isaacs

9.   Why we need public politicians
      By Soila Apparicio

10.  Classical Liberalism
       By Ronan Valentine

11.  Don't make box-ticking mandatory
       By James Phillips

12.  A Broken System
       By James Wand

13.  The unsilenceable voice of youth
       By Robert Walmsley


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