Bring factories back to Britain

1 Feb 2014

*The following are my raw thoughts - not fully formed or affiliated to my political party*

I understand there is more than one reason why the gap between the rich and poor is becoming more and more distant, but I feel that the manufacturing industry plays a large part. It used to be very easy to split Britain up using the class system; upper class, middle class and working class. Now, in a time where the upper class has changed from the land owners to the computer geeks, activists lead a brutal, but slightly altered, war of hatred on those who hold such large amounts of wealth. 


During the time of the three-tier class system, the United Kingdom had a solid manufacturing base. Before World War Two, Britain was covered in factories. These factories provided jobs to the masses and the final products could not only be sold in the UK but exported across the globe. The factories were kept within Britain and so when they grew everyone benefited, from the CEO to the labourers on the factory floor. In today’s current situation, production is outsourced to Asia and only those closer to the top benefit. Britain needs to bring the factories back to Britain to allow a mutual growth amongst all. 

Britain keeps itself in the economic big leagues through the service sector. We generate vast amounts of income to the economy through our big-time bankers, but when the stock markets crash like they did in 2008, Britain has no back-up motor to keep the country afloat. Germany managed to keep fairly stable throughout the crisis due to a strong manufacturing sector that could provide work at various levels, we need to follow suit.

Factories won’t just come to Britain however; there is too much risk due to higher labour rates. Britain needs the help of the British government. This is where pro-action becomes controversial. How would you convince companies to set up factories within the UK? We need to appease CEOs and make them want to set up shop in the United Kingdom. Areas such as the North of England and the South of Wales could boom again if factories were built, but they need philanthropists to kick start the next revolution. I do not hate those who want to build wealth; I see inspiration. I do not hate that bankers can make thousands in one phone call; I see ingenuity. I don’t hate activists for hating; I see a solution. What Britain needs is a solution to my solution. Britain will not be able to last on the service sector alone. Britain will need the government to implement changes that will attract companies to bring the factories back to Britain.

*The next section includes party politics*

Labour are not helping the working class. They are weakening the working family day by day. The proverb states, “Give a man a fish he won’t go hungry for a day, teach a man to fish and he won’t go hungry ever again.” It seems that Ed Miliband and his party have never heard this saying. They give more fish than they have and they haven’t a clue which end of the rod is which. The British government needs to bring the factories back to Britain but they first need to find out how, and with Labour in power, I worry that this will not be the case.

By Justin Lines

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