Redistribution of wealth? The problem is, no-one wants to be the first to do it

1 May 2014


Recently, Russell Brand had something to say on profit, in an interview with Jeremy Paxman:

"David Cameron says profit isn't a dirty word. Well I say profit is a filthy word. I think the very concept of profit should be very much reduced, because wherever there is profit there is also deficit. This system currently does not address these ideas."

Has he taken the first step and redistributed his own millions? No.


Here we have socialist Owen Jones, a journalist and author. Has he redistributed the profits he made from his first book? Doubt it.

The late, and great, Tony Benn inherited his wealth (something the Left hate), did he redistribute it? No.

Even Labour's current leader Ed Miliband is a millionaire. Has his wealth been redistributed? No.

Moreover, the trade union leader Len McCluskey is a millionaire. Has he redistributed the millions he's made from his members? No.

Billy Bragg- musician, millions redistributed? No.

All these men have stood side-by-side with those less fortunate than themselves, all of these men have spoken at rallies, assemblies and protests. But how much of their wealth have they given to those whom they've surrounded themselves with?

I understand why these people don’t want to redistribute it; it’s theirs, they’ve earned it, so why should they?

Exactly! Why should they? It wasn’t anyone else who asked them to go into politics, it wasn’t their fault if money was left to them. Nor was it their fault if their book, or comedy tour made a profit.

It’s your fault for buying it!

Sadly for the Left, redistribution isn’t the only hypocrisy they have running through their core, privatisation is another problem.

Diane Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Newington, sent her son to a private school.

Harriet Harman, deputy leader of Labour, and Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor, both went to private schools (but it’s OK; they are not as posh as their Tory counterparts).

As well as enjoying earning their bit on the side. Like ex-MP and brother of Ed Miliband, David Miliband, who enjoyed after-dinner speaking, and was on the board of Sunderland A.F.C. 

Of course there’s also the Labour Peer, Lord Sugar, who’s a business tycoon and multi-millionaire.

Still, the hypocrisy doesn’t stop there.

The NHS is also a huge source of hypocrisy for the Left. 

My friend’s grandmother is currently in hospital suffering from Dementia. She went with her mother to visit her, but she wasn’t in her bed, when they asked the nurse where she was, they were told she was in the toilet and wouldn’t be long.

After 45 minutes of waiting her grandmother appeared from around the corner, covered in her own faeces, and crying.

Further investigation into how this had happened, the shift of the nurse who took her to the toilet had ended, so she left, only shouting to a busy colleague about the old lady then walking off. When the nurse was asked why she thought this was appropriate action, she said her union told her she didn’t have to work one second overtime, so she didn’t.

The Left are constantly screaming at the Tories; “Where’s your compassion?!” Maybe they need to look a little closer to home before they start pointing the finger.

In fact, it’s fairly obvious that the unions are far from compassionate.

If they construct a strike for whatever reason, those who are unable to join their ‘comrades’ are singled out, called names, ignored, without regard for the reasons why they might not be able to strike.

If the Left want to prove that they are for equality, for working class men and women, they need to start showing how it’s done.

From what I and millions of others can see, it’s a farce.

Millionaire union leaders live in the lap of luxury, whilst their members struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis. 

Millionaires are on the front bench, millionaires are on the backbench. 

Where’s the camaraderie? 

Where’s the solidarity?

Until a major Left-wing figure starts to live the way they’re telling me to live; long live Capitalism! 

By Rebecca Sword


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