Time is running out for the establishment

30 May 2014


The European elections have come and gone, and I for one am absolutely delighted with the result. I have to state from the outset that I am a supporter of UKIP.

The question I get asked most at the moment is: Why? The answer is fairly simple. The political class in this country stand for nothing and represent nobody. They simply dismiss rational arguments and vilify the opinions of the common man.


People, not only in Britain, but across Europe, are simply sick to death of bland clones who look and sound exactly the same, demeaning those they have been elected to serve.

The establishment is attempting to dismiss the results of the European elections as merely a "protest vote". But the simple fact is that the European project is failing. One by one, countries that were promised stability and prosperity are waking up to the fact that they are losing their democratic rights.

When you speak out against European Union membership or uncontrolled mass immigration in this country you are simply branded as a "closet racist, loony or fruit cake". These kind of insults are unacceptable, and show a complete lack of respect for the electorate. By doing this, both Labour and the Conservatives are marginalising UKIP supporters, and enticing them to stick with their so-called “protest” vote.

In my home city of Portsmouth, UKIP won a landslide victory in the local council elections. Six elected councillors from a standing start. This result has practically wiped out Labour at council level and left the Lib Dems reeling on the ropes. Then the party shook the establishment to its foundations on Sunday night when it won more MEPs than any other party nationally. Even if this was merely a “protest”, the other parties have been given a scare rarely seen throughout modern British political history.

What has become completely apparent is that the Conservative Party does not want my vote, the Labour Party does not even want to discuss Europe, and the Lib Dems are hopelessly illiterate when it comes to Europe.

I'm not "protesting", or even simply angry. I've just looked at the parties in my country and decided that UKIP is who I want to represent my interests.

What does the establishment need to do? It's really simple. Stop demonising people and actually have a rational debate; throwing around liberal bigotry doesn't stop the issues from going away.

I've written countless articles now about all of this, and it's time the establishment listens. Because if it doesn't, this time next year the electorate will seriously damage its reign of insolence.

Farage now needs to come up with a manifesto not only to keep up the momentum, but to actually challenge for the general election outright.

Does the establishment have the stomach for this fight? Does it have the policies to change people's minds?

As it stands. The answer is a resounding no.

By Sean Mallis

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