Update - Manston Airport

1 Aug 2014

This article serves as an update to myearlier article on the future of Manston Airport after it had closed in May of this year.

BBC local news for Thanet this week reported that the airport would need business investment of around £200m in order to reopen the airport and manage its growth in the next few years. 


The owner, Ann Gloag, closed the airport in May, stating that losses of around £10,000 a day were not sustainable, although she refused to sell to multiple interested bidders. Aviation consultants have been meeting with the council in order to discuss the development of a long-term business plan that will stretch for around 20 years in order to rebuild public confidence in the airport.

31st July 2014 
BBC local news yesterday reported that the local council had endorsed the aviation consultants’ business plan and was now in discussions with the owners in order to begin the creation of a viable strategy.

Sir Roger Gale MP stated at a Save Manston meeting that “We hope the council proceeds with a CPO so we can get an injunction through to stop this asset selling.” 

He urged that “An injunction would stop the scorched earth policy of selling everything so it can never be an airport again.”

I will continue to update Backbench on the progress as this process unfolds.

1st August 2014 
Auctions continue at Manston today as Ann Gloag continues to asset strip the airfield of its key possessions. Estimates claim that more £100,000 was made on the first day of auction, with fire engines and safety equipment going under the hammer today.

By Tom Chidwick

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