Labour are failing the public

4 Nov 2014


There’s a reason UKIP are taking voters from the Conservatives, but there’s a more pressing reason why UKIP are taking voters from Labour, and the Left in general. They’re playing deaf and dumb, and sticking to the same old script they always have; ‘the Tories are turning people against their neighbours, benefit claimants and not the bankers, or those low wage paying bosses.’


Now, here’s the thing. When it comes to benefit claimants, we aren’t angry at them, we are angry at those who exploit the welfare system. We are also not angry at immigrants; we don’t blame them for wanting to come to our country. We are angry at a government whose policy it was to have open borders: Labour. We are angry at the banks, but it’s too late, Labour already bailed them out.


We are angry at the low wage paying bosses, but what can we do? Strike and receive nothing, possibly losing our jobs while we’re at it? Then we’re back to square one. We are angry at the millionaires who exploit the loopholes. We also want a say, as many of us today weren’t around to vote on the EU back in 1975, in our relationship with the EU as it stands today. I’m sure many people will vote to stay, but Labour are so scared of people voting to leave that they are not offering a referendum on the issue; you wouldn’t know it was meant to be a party of the people.


We Tories, UKIPPER’s, and Labour voters, have not been turned against each other, what we want are tighter restrictions on people entering the UK. We want to know who they are, their criminal history (if they have one), and what they can bring to the country, something similar to what Australia has in place.


We are fed up with being called racists for wanting these restrictions; we are fed with being ignored by those who can choose not to consider what we want. The more the Labour party play deaf and dumb to the cries of the people, the more the people will move to support parties such as UKIP.


People don’t want tighter restrictions on how much you can receive on benefits, but they also don’t want people exploiting the system. Once again, Labour had an ‘open borders’ policy regarding the welfare system, which has led to the current government creating strict sanctions on how much a claimant can receive, and who can receive it, and because of these sanctions the Left get angry.


If Labour had a backbone, and regulated the banks, didn’t start a war on false pretences, didn’t sell off most of our gold, and listened to the people rather than the millionaire union leaders, maybe they wouldn’t be losing support whilst in opposition. Labour are still playing fiddle with their paymasters, the union barons, such as Len McCluskey, leader of Unite.


But the Trade Unions don’t have as large influence on Britain as they did over 30 years ago. Back in the 1970’s with a population of 55 million, the TUC had roughly 13 million members; today they have only 7 million, with a population of 64 million. With an ever growing population, that’s not a lot of people, just little over a tenth of the country.


The Tories are in trouble, but Labour faces extinction if they don’t start listening, and acting on what people want, seeming as one of their motto’s is that they are “the peoples party”.


By Rebecca Sword


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