The 22 pictures that tell you everything you need to know about #FreeEducation

20 Nov 2014


Yesterday, thousands of students converged upon London to protest once again against university tuition fees, austerity, and cuts. It was very colourful, very profound and quite a lot of smoke and paint. Just for you, we’ve grabbed the best of the action; the 22 pictures that tell you everything you need to know about #FreeEducation.


1. This chap keen to drum up support.


2. This Germanophile. Or at least, GermanLackOfTuitionFeesophile. Is that a word? It is now.


3. This attempted bit of vandalism, which now reads ‘Sabbs’.


4. These police officers, who knew exactly what they wanted to protect first from further paint-based assaults.


5. This ominous-sounding board.


6. Like this one, which created a new verb. MILLBANK DA POLICE!


7. Or this one, which drew its inspiration from a classic anti-Alex Ferguson banner.


8. Or this very to the point placard.


9. Not forgetting the ‘Book Bloc’.


10. Nor this very tasty and kind piece of solidarity.






But what about the people? Won’t someone think of the people?!


13. Like this man in a suit and motorcycle helmet, who wanted to know what all the noise was about.


14. Or these conscientious students who just wanted to do some work and really can’t be doing with all this anarchism.


15. Or these two, with what was surely the sassiest sign of the day.


Smoke was also a big theme of the day. There was smoke, a lot of smoke. And a bit of fire.


16. Is that a lightsaber? Put it away, son.


17. More heat in the name of protest.


18. Even Winston almost got a singeing.


19. All the single student protestors!


20. Then things got a bit tasty.


21. But it was all #blessed- the Book Bloc returned, in greater numbers.


22. And meanwhile in Scotland, one man sat back and reflected on a cheap monument well done.


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