14 from 2014

31 Dec 2014

Our selection of some of the most thought-provoking, challenging and engaging articles published on Backbench during 2014. View our 2013 selection here.


1. Scotland Debates - Marc Winsland vs Jacob Montgomery

2. The insecurities of ‘Lad’ culture show why men need feminism as much as women - Alex Shilling


3. Exporting Extremism: The broadcasts behind the headlines - Philip Gardner

4. Hand Democracy to the People - Natalie Bennett

5. Snubbing Shakespeare: The literary merits of Good Kid mAAd City - Adam Isaacs



6. Farage, Miliband and the value of personality - Damian Buxton



7. Chinese Foreign Policy guru reveals Beijing’s ‘soft spot’ on Umbrella Revolution - Noah Sin



8. Why Lib Dems will decide the next election - Sam Bright



9. The problem with mass media - Rory Claydon



10. Empathy: Crucial to the achievement of lasting peace - Part One, Part Two - Tom Fenton


11. Who’s to blame for our youth engagement crisis? - Mat Batts


12. A Brand new London? Russell's Revolution as a reality - Soila Apparicio

13. Give government a chance: American poverty would be worse without it - Alice Lilly

14. A public PMQs would be no substitute for real scrutiny - Robert Walmsley


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