An open letter to Rupert Murdoch

11 Jan 2015


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Mr Murdoch,


Your moral compass has always had a tendency to stray off course, but yesterday you sunk to new lows. You took to Twitter, and mindlessly typed the words; "Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible." Soon after, you perhaps tried to justify this with a second enlightened tweet; "Big jihadist danger looming everywhere from Philippines to Africa to Europe to US. Political correctness makes for denial and hypocrisy." Where to begin?


Perhaps with your first line; "Maybe most Moslems are peaceful," an excellent start. Your biased bigotry unveiled from the offset with your admission that you don’t really believe most Muslims are peaceful, and will only venture into the realms of 'maybe'. From this can we draw that you believe 'maybe' most Muslims are actually suicide-vest touting jihadists and that peaceful Muslims are a minority? One can only hope you are not so narrow-minded given your influence over the nation's press media, but a casual glance at The Sun doesn't make for encouragement. It’s not so much that the mask slipped but rather you never bothered with the pretence of wearing one in the first place.


You go on to suggest that those 'maybe' peaceful Muslims haven't yet recognized the threat of jihadism; 'until they recognize'. Do you presume that Muslims are blind to the atrocities carried out by extremists around the world? Not only is your point ignorant it is downright insulting. As the biggest single victims of Islamist extremist attacks across our planet, I think it’s fair to say that ordinary Muslims have already 'recognized' the threat and are all too painfully aware of the danger it poses, having watched thousands of their people killed by it.


Next you suggest that those 'maybe' peaceful Muslims must 'destroy' the growing threat of jihadism, or in your words; 'their growing jihadist cancer'. Global condemnation, severe anti-terror laws, advanced intelligence organisations, drone attacks, bombings, and the military might of the most powerful nations in the world have failed to 'destroy' jihadist terrorism, but apparently ordinary Muslims are capable of it, and are merely unwilling to do so. Your logic and insight know no boundaries Mr Murdoch.


Then there is of course the repetitive use of finger-pointing language; 'until THEY recognize and destroy THEIR jihadist cancer THEY must be held responsible'. Once again you insist on playing the dangerous game of division. The population of Muslims in the UK by and large identify themselves as British Muslims, as much British as they are Muslim. All Britons are at danger of terrorism. But you are determined to divide us, and deny the equality of British nationality to some because of their religion. This is Islamaphopic and frankly racist. The 'growing Jihadist cancer' is a problem that faces all of us, and must be addressed by all of us, not just those among us who are Muslim. No ordinary Muslim would tell you they worship the same God as the gunmen that attacked the Charlie Hebdo workers in Paris this week. These extremists distort and misinterpret the Quran, as countless Muslim scholars have told us time and again, and so for us to associate these bloodthirsty killers with the regular Muslim families that live across Britain is as ludicrous as associating ordinary Norwegian Christians with Anders Breivik.


This leads on to the most repugnant part of your ill-thought quip, that ordinary Muslims "must be held responsible" for the actions of extremist terrorists. What sort of a sick and twisted logic is that Mr Murdoch? Should British Jews be held responsible for Israel bombing Palestinian schools and hospitals? Should all white Brits be held responsible for the racist actions of the English Defence League? Should British Christians be held responsible for the slaughter of Muslims and minorities in the DRC, CAR and Uganda by Christian militias like the Lord's Resistance Army? Any sane person would answer no to all of the questions above, but these questions are equally as ridiculous as your own proposition that peaceful Muslims must be held responsible for the actions of terrorists. All creeds and belief systems have radical elements, and to lay the blame for that at the doors of the moderates of those belief systems is not to address the problem but to wash your hands of it. Hatred cannot be defeated by hatred, and your approach to this complex issue is to paint all Muslims with the same brush and blame moderates for the actions of extremists. It is this attitude that breeds more resentment and hatred, leading us not to a resolution, but further down the path of death and destruction.


Finally, your weak attempt at justifying yourself by suggesting you didn't bother with 'political correctness' as this 'makes for denial and hypocrisy' is a lame-duck defence of your offensive and ignorant words. It is you who is in denial Mr Murdoch, about the danger of people in your privileged position of power and influence abusing it to project their own narrow-minded agenda of discrimination and division.


Yours Sincerely,

Nathan Phillips
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