General election must-have merchandise

22 Mar 2015

On 30th March, Parliament will be dissolved, marking the time when MPs filter back to their constituencies, ready to bombard the people of Britain with a barrage of party propaganda. Swept up in the frenzy, eager local enthusiasts will deem it necessary to advertise their political allegiance via a range of partisan paraphernalia. These party devotees will be the foot-soldiers of the general election campaign.


We take a look at some of the weapons that each party will be providing for their willing troop in 2015… 



The Labour Party commissioned a child to draw its latest campaign poster. You can purchase a copy of said picture for £35.00




It has been rumoured that the Conservative Party is no longer too fond of its early-coalition catchphrase ‘we’re all in this together’. However, by purchasing this delightful tea towel, you will be able to remind yourself of that slogan’s almighty wisdom. Every time you tuck into a lobster bisque





Determined to sadistically remind your children of the mountain of student debt they will face when they evolve into a fully-fledged British citizen? Look no further than this Liberal Democrat teddy bear





This piece of UKIP bling will comprehensively prove your Eurosceptic credentials. However, being made from Cornish Pewter, it will probably have to be replaced every six months




The only socialist campaign option in 2015? You can buy a Green Party poster for just £0.60…




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