The left have spoken, but where to go?

3 Apr 2015

As we get ever closer to the General Election on May 7th, the now seven main parties are putting forward their agendas, including the SNP, the Greens, and Plaid Cymru. This is the first General Election since “the longest suicide note in history of 1983”, which offers a complete plausible and possible left agenda in British Politics. Each of the three seem to be offering the possibility of a progressive alliance to anti-austerity cuts, with the SNP with Nicola Sturgeon pledging an additional £180 billion to spend, the Greens wanting to renationalise the railways, and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood claiming to be a socialist party.


With the left wing agenda set to offer an alternative come May 7th, who would best serve the family of nations? The SNP have claimed they would be a mentor for progress both north and south of the border. Latest polls are suggesting the SNP could receive in the region of 50 MP’s, and last night’s leaders debate showed that the SNP aren’t halting in terms of public opinion, with Nicola coming out on top on both sides of the border. However, the SNP’s election campaign stops in Scotland, so regardless of progressive support, the rest of the UK will have to look to another alternative. It’s also been highlighted by some socialist’s including Tommy Sheridan that everyone who voted yes for independence should vote for the SNP on 7th May, which the majority of Scots seem to be doing, but will the SNP really be that much of a progressive left winged voice when their numbers are limited to Scotland, and as we heard so many times in the referendum campaign, Scotland’s voice can be ignored if the rest of the UK vote in the opposite direction from the Labour minority the SNP so desperately want.


Moving on, Plaid Cymru “The Party of Wales”, is another nationalist party wanting to remove itself from the membership of Great Britain. Previously,  leader Leanne Wood claimed on BBC Free Speech that the party was a socialist party, on the forefront Plaid Cymru are offering some progressive policies to bring investment to Wales to create a faster more vibrant economy. Again, Cymru are offering an alternative to austerity, Leanne wood stated in the leaders debate “the bankers have had a bail out its time the people had a bailout” progressive, but just like the SNP their votes are limited to Wales.


Many members of the respective national parties will claim that for progressive alliances, but there’s one party above all that looks at the bigger picture and that is the Greens. They understand the appetite for independence from the national parties, especially in Scotland as they supported the motion. The Greens have also outlined that socalism is key to a vibrant and sustainable society, which the majority of people across the Islands are wanting. They’re the only left wing party that address the need for an EU referendum, which again, seems to be the appetite of the majority of the UK.


The Greens also look at the biggest picture of all, our planet, the question that all other parties fail to address and mention. The other parties are too busy talking about the deficit and the nation’s debts, which will become irrelevant if we collectively don’t address the need to look after the planet. Also, the Greens offering to end austerity which is the real alternative to the mainstream and UKIP. The Greens also have the “potential” to form a government, unlike the other two parties of progress. Both the Conservatives and Labour are keen to dismiss it, because you have a choice between Dave or Ed? Which is more than like, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if the British Public voted out the arrogance of the two and looked voted for the alternative.


The left are here to stay, so how will the nation vote?

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