Caroline Lucas holds Brighton Pavilion

8 May 2015

The Green Party have retained their only MP in the House of Commons, with Caroline Lucas substantially increasing her majority in the seat of Brighton Pavilion. Her vote was up by a remarkable 10.5%, with both the three main parties losing ground.


However, the Greens have failed to win two of their other target seats: Bristol West and Norwich South, finishing second and third respectively. What’s more, their leader, Natalie Bennett – who had received a considerable amount of air time in this era of multiparty politics (in votes at least) – also failed to taker her central London seat of Holborn & St Pancras.


The Greens can take solace from the fact that they have polled over one million votes – the first time that has happened in their political history. Also, the party managed to come second in four seats – quite an achievement for a party that has never come second before. Yet, it is doubtless that the Greens, alongside UKIP, will push for proportional representation to be used in future elections to the Westminster Parliament.


Internally, questions must now be raised as to whether Natalie Bennett can continue to stay on as leader, despite confirming that she intends to see out the remainder of her two-year term. 




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