Douglas Alexander Suffers Historic Defeat in Paisley

8 May 2015

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary and Chief Election Coordinator, Douglas Alexander, has lost his seat of Paisley and Renfrewshire South to 20 year-old student, Mhairi Black.


The SNP candidate has recorded a major victory in the seat, winning by 12%.


The results in full are:


Douglas Alexander (Labour) - 17,864


Mhairi Black (SNP) - 23,548


Fraser Galloway (Conservative) - 3,526


Eileen McCartin (Liberal Democrats) - 1,010


Sandra Webster (Scottish Socialist) - 278


In 2010, Alexander won the seat with a massive vote share of 59.6%, while SNP candidate Andrew Doig recorded just 18.1% - a Labour majority of 41.54%.


Barring shock results elsewhere tonight, Black will become the youngest ever MP.  The previous youngest member of the Commons was 21 year-old Liberal James Dickson, back in 1880.


After exit polls predicted that the SNP will win 58 of Scotland’s 59 seats, this result only further supports the idea that it will be Nicola Sturgeon’s night.


This could be the start of a miserable night for Labour after the exit poll released by Ipsos MORI earlier tonight predicted the party to finish 77 seats behind the Tories.



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