Nigel Farage resigns as UKIP leader after being rejected in Thanet South

8 May 2015

There will be no Nigel Farage on the lush green benches of the House of Commons in the imminent future. The UKIP leader has failed to take the constituency of South Thanet – the type of constituency that had been marked out as fertile ground for the UKIP message. Indeed, Professor Matthew Goodwin in March 2015 singled out Thanet South as one of the seats that UKIP could win in this election.  


Despite receiving close on four million votes and in the meantime cementing its place as the third party of British politics, UKIP has predictably fallen foul of the British electoral system. Indeed, the First-Past-The-Post system (FPTP) does no favours for political parties who aren't able to concentrate votes in specific areas.


The FPTP system has certainly played its part in continuing an all-too-familiar trend in UKIP’s short history: that success at ‘second-order’ elections has not translated into a breakthrough at the following Westminster election.


As expected, Nigel Farage has consequently announced his resignation as UKIP leader. However, he has left the door distinctly open to a return, stating that he would seriously contemplate putting his name forward for a leadership contest in autumn this year.


Expect, therefore, to see a lot more of Farage in the tabloid and broadsheet press in the months and years to come. We haven’t seen the last of this maverick Eurosceptic, or his party.


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