The Fall and Rise of #Milifandom

10 Jul 2015



Flash back two months and it looked like things were all over for the #Milifandom movement. One of the most bizarre cults of the twenty-first century seemed to be redundant following Labour’s bitter election defeat.


And it showed.


He’d once been surrounded by hen parties and screaming students, but pictures emerged of a lonesome Ed Miliband.























Things went from bad to worse when this happened…



But Ed called for reinforcements. After inviting Milifandom founder Abby Tomlinson to lunch at the House of Commons, the Twitterati could feel movement in the cult’s corpse.



Lo-and-behold, this week Ed returned to being surrounded by a gaggle of teenage girls. Milifandom reborn?






To think MPs underestimate the power of young people in politics…


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