9 Things You Could Buy With a £9 ‘Living Wage’

11 Jul 2015

On Wednesday, the Chancellor George Osborne announced that Britain was going to receive a pay rise (or at least the Britain that did not previously rely on working tax credits, social security, or is aged under 25).


By 2020, the minimum wage will be £9 per hour for those aged 25 and above. To some scepticism from financial experts and the opposition, it has been dubbed a ‘Living Wage’ by the Treasury, but what can you actually buy for £9?


We take a look at some of the best buys.




1. Boris Johnson’s latest book, ‘The Churchill Factor’



For those with leadership ambitions…




2. 18 Solero Ice Creams


Available in Scotland, while stocks last…




3. Labour's 'campaign essential' mug



For the closet racists who didn’t vote UKIP…




4. A UKIP baseball cap



For the closet racists who did vote UKIP…




5. A Lib Dem car flag



For when you wish to remind roadgoers that things could be worse...




6. An Ed Miliband flickering candle



Light a candle to remember…




7. An 'Iggle Piggle' children's toy



Said to be a favourite of the Prime Minister…




8. Six bacon sandwiches



Hell yes!




9. Only 40 Freddos!



Welcome to broken Britain…



The best news is that with most of these purchases, you’ll get a couple of pounds of change, to pay for university fees.


You can thank Gideon later…


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