Calais migrant crisis: A partial debate has prompted an inadequate response

17 Aug 2015


The deteriorating situation in Calais is placing pressure on the establishment both at home and abroad. As ever, one of the hottest subjects in British politics is dividing constituents and commentators alike.


Britain's response to this crisis has been beyond reprehensible. We have failed to take meaningful action, and have shirked a wider debate as to the profound causes and consequences of Europe’s present predicament. For once, I feel that UKIP have missed a golden opportunity to bring this situation to the public’s attention and offer a genuine solution.


The issue of immigration has been incredibly important to political debate across Europe in recent years. The general strain of this debate has been constructive and entirely worthwhile. However, regarding the Calais refugees, the discussion is heading towards toxic waters. It is simply shameful that we are focusing more on what we can't do as a nation, rather than what we can do.


I fear it's now only a matter of time before this crisis leads inexorably to tragic death. We've already committed millions of pounds in an effort to resolve this crisis, but without a broader strategy – both in terms of foreign policy, and our stance on immigration – our actions are not only counter-productive, they are a complete waste of money.


Indeed, Britain should use the Calais situation as an opportunity to push for an Australian points-based immigration system. All of these migrants are in one place and, seemingly, would like to achieve the same end-goal: to live and settle in Britain. Why don't we vet these people, find out who they are, why are they coming to Britain, and – most importantly – what they can offer the British economy?


By advocating the merits of a points-based system, we would become a proactive force attempting to solve this trans-national dilemma; encouraging Europe to accommodate these refugees with little economic disruption.


Let's not add fuel to a burning fire. Europe’s ill-conceived military escapades in north Africa have directly fostered this migrant crisis. For once, we need to act swiftly and purposively to amend the catastrophic outcomes of our own failed policies.

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