Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party

12 Sep 2015


Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership election by a landslide margin over second placed Andy Burnham.

The polls had been predicting a Corbyn victory for weeks, but few were willing to anticipate a Corbyn tenure with absolute confidence following a surprise general election result in May.


59.5% of the 600,000 strong Labour electorate voted for Corbyn in the first round. This means there was no need for any further rounds of voting as the 50% target had already been met. Corbyn won the contest by a margin of 40.5% over Burnham.


One of Corbyn’s first tasks as leader will be to appoint the members of his shadow cabinet. It has been rumoured that there will be roles for socialist allies John McDonnell and Clive Lewis, while experienced stalwarts such as Angela Eagle are also in contention. Andy Burnham’s place on the frontbench has been cast into doubt over the past few days, however, after the former Shadow Health Secretary was quoted as saying that Corbyn would be a “disaster” for the party. Yet, Burnham will not find himself marginalised through an anti-Corbyn stance. Senior figures such as Chris Leslie and Tristram Hunt have already made it clear that they will be unwilling to serve in a Corbyn Shadow Cabinet.


A guaranteed member of the frontbench will be Tom Watson, who was elected as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party prior to Corbyn’s anointment. Watson won the contest by a comfortable margin over second placed Stella Creasy. Watson is now saddled with the unenviable responsibility of helping to unite a deeply divided party; breaching the chasm between the moderate right and Corbynite left.



Full details of the Labour leadership and deputy leadership votes can be found below:




First Round


Corbyn - 59.5%

Burnham - 19%

Cooper - 17%

Kendall - 4.5%


Deputy Leadership


First Round


Watson - 39.4%

Creasy - 19.1%

Eagle - 16.2%

Flint - 15.8%

Bradshaw - 9.6%



Second Round


Watson - 42.2%

Creasy - 21.4%

Flint - 18.4%

Eagle - 17.9%


Third Round


Watson - 50.7%

Creasy - 26.4%

Flint - 22.8%

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