Tories launch attack ad on Jeremy Corbyn

14 Sep 2015


Less than 48 hours after Jeremy Corbyn’s election as the leader of the Labour Party, the Conservatives have launched an attack ad on the bearded Bolshevik.


In a video less than two minutes in length, the Tories brand Corbyn as a Bin Laden sympathiser, a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, and a betrayer of Britain’s armed forces; in short, an unadulterated threat to national security.


This attack may appear brutal. However, with plenty of ammunition, this is merely a training excercise. David Cameron’s party will undoubtedly draw to light many unsavoury facts about Corbyn and members of his newly appointed Shadow Cabinet in the coming weeks. John McDonnell, Labour’s new Shadow Chancellor, will be an A-listed target, especially in view of the west London MP’s controversial comments about the IRA.


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