YouGov poll: Jeremy Corbyn distrusted by the public on most key policy areas

17 Sep 2015


As right-wing attacks on Jeremy Corbyn escalate, the scale of the public's distrust in the new Labour leader is revealed 


The electorate do not trust Jeremy Corbyn to take the ‘right decisions’ on government spending and cuts, taxes, immigration, the EU, terrorism, or defence, according to recent polling data published by YouGov.


With a net trust rating of +6, the NHS is the only policy area on which Corbyn is trusted.



Despite Corbyn’s self-proclaimed image as a politician of the people, Britons are profoundly sceptical about the new Labour leader’s ability to competently manage key areas of national interest and security.


On government spending, cuts and taxation, Corbyn has a net trust rating of -19. In addition, only 23% of the population trust Corbyn to take the right decisions on managing the economy, whereas 50% do not trust the socialist firebrand.


However, it is on matters of security and defence that the public harbours the greatest concerns. On the issue of terrorism, Corbyn has a net trust rating of -27. Policies such as nuclear disarmament are similarly distrusted by the populous. Indeed, when asked whether they trust Corbyn on defence, 43% said that they did not trust Corbyn ‘at all’.



The Tories’ new attack line, which has branded Corbyn as a ‘threat to Britain’s security’ is therefore likely to strike a chord with the electorate.


It is apparent that the public's first impression of the new Labour leader is generally negative. Corbyn will thus need to prove his political credibility in order to ensure that damaging perceptions of his policies are not engrained in popular consciousness.

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