Public concern with immigration at its highest ever level, poll suggests

30 Sep 2015


Spotlight on immigration as the refugee crisis intensifies



A poll published today by the Economist/Ipsos MORI indicates that public apprehension about immigration is now higher than ever.


56% of individuals mentioned immigration as among the most important issues facing Britain – the highest score that the polling company has ever recorded. The public’s current concern with immigration is also more pronounced than for any issue recorded by Ipsos MORI since August 2012, when 56% of people cited the economy.


40% of those surveyed also adjudged immigration to be the single most important issue facing the country – an increase of 14% since July.


Moreover, immigration is now the most important issue across all ages, social grades, and party supporters. Indeed, Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to neglect immigration – aside from rhetorical comments about the refugee crisis – during his conference speech yesterday controverted the views of Labour voters, 49% of whom view immigration as among the most important issues facing the nation.




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