Politicians suggest that Donald Trump should be banned from the UK

8 Dec 2015


Leading Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston has said that “serious questions should be asked” about whether Donald Trump should be banned from Britain for hate speech. Speaking to BuzzFeed, the MP for Totnes referred to Trump’s recent proposition that the United States should ban all Muslim immigration as a “very offensive comment”.



Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and mainstream think-tank British Future have both added to Wollaston’s call. Bennett said on Twitter that she would sign a petition to ban Trump from the UK. Meanwhile, a Downing Street source has revealed that David Cameron regards Trump’s remark as "divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong".



Author JK Rowling has also contributed to the anti-Trump fervour by saying that “Voldemort was nowhere near as bad [as Trump]”. Indeed, despite being equally sinister and cold-hearted, Voldemort at least had the good sense not to wear a toupee.


Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric has also drawn the ire of politicians and commentators in the United States. Jeb Bush, whose brother George W. Bush called the War or Terror a “crusade”, has described Trump – a fellow Republican presidential candidate – as “unhinged”. Moreover, Richard Primus, a constitutional law professor at the University of Michigan, told CBS News that a blanket immigration ban on religious grounds “would probably be unconstitutional”.







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