Bernie Sanders’ brother appointed as the new health spokesman of the Green Party

11 Feb 2016

Photo Credit: Evening Standard 


The big brother of Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has just been revealed as the new health spokesman of the England and Wales Green Party.


The appointment of Larry Sanders, aged 82, is the cherry on top of the proverbial political cake for the Sanders family this week. Many have thus speculated that we could be witnessing the beginning of a mighty dynasty to rival the dominance of the Bush and Clinton families.


 George Bush Senior (41st U.S. President), George W. Bush (43rd U.S. President) and Jeb Bush (2016 Republican Presidential contender, who will probably never be President)


Indeed, earlier this week, White House contender Bernie Sanders comfortably defeated Democratic favourite Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary – winning 60% of the vote in comparison to Clinton’s 40%. Bernie has energised young disenfranchised voters and the self-certain smirk of Hillary has now transformed into a nervous grimace.


Sibling Larry hinted in an interview with the Evening Standard that he was the architect of Bernie’s socialist crusade, saying that “I used to babysit him and talk about the political books I was reading, so it’s my fault.”


Larry commented on his appointment as health spokesman by likening the Green Party’s policies to those of his brother: “Bernie’s main platform is almost identical to the Green Party’s”, said Sanders the Elder, who stood for the Greens at the 2015 general election.


Larry lives in Oxford and, although he has no intention to depart his new position to assist his brother in America, says that he would accept an invitation to a barbeque on the White House lawn if Bernie wins the Presidency. Perhaps it could be a barbeque of the decaying carcass of Donald Trump’s political ambitions. Who knows.

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