Boy Trouble - The bleak future facing the men of tomorrow

4 May 2016


There is a group of young people for whom I have serious concerns. This group is growing up in a world in which they will face oppression, open discrimination, a violent and ideological agenda pitted against them, and will have blame placed on them for things that are not their fault.



I’m worried about boys – specifically poor, straight, white boys.



I’m worried because there seems to be nobody fighting for them and they are being ignored as they grow up into the men that we need. Whose fault will it be when the men of tomorrow are browbeat, submissive, and utterly demoralised? It will be ours - both because we sat back and did nothing as they grew up in the dystopia we created for them, and because powerful forces in our culture have marked them for sacrifice in atonement for the sins of their fathers.



I will be accused of being paranoid or blinkered by “privilege” (the ultimate in false accusations) but consider the bleak world that a young boy entering primary school is now faced with.



Our boy – let’s call him Tommy – will be more likely to start of from a position of disadvantage given that he is more likely to have grown up in care.  While he is less likely to have been abused, he is far more likely not to have made it to this point at all, as boys are more likely to have suffered abused that ended in fatality.



Once in school, Tommy will be more likely to have his normal, boisterous, and active behaviour pathologised into ADHD or another behavioural disorder, resulting in him being placed on a powerful drug like Ritalin. We have reached the point where, as Esquire reported in 2014, 20% of boys in the United States are being put on these mind-altering substances because they are unwilling to conform to the feminine standards of behaviour expected of them - i.e. because they prefer to move about and do stuff rather than sit quietly and learn from a teacher talking.



The treatment that Tommy will receive throughout his school life will be made worse by attitudes that are firmly skewed in favour of his female, wealthy, and LGBT peers. Where his female classmates will be encouraged at the first sign of an interest in maths, physics, or another STEM subject - he will be expected to be naturally proficient in these subjects, and will have any interest in the arts ignored or taken for granted. To make matters worse, the trend towards coursework and away from exams will place him at a further disadvantage. An education system that is completely biased towards girls will eventually result in Tommy being 35% less likely than an equally qualified young lady to go to university.



So much for the patriarchy thus far…



It’s only when Tommy reaches university – if he manages to – that his problems start to get bad to the point of tragic absurdity. He will find himself in the very heart of the sinister, "social-justice", third-wave, identity politics, fact-free, subjective Marxist reality machine – and he will be at its mercy.



Tommy will face the prospect of being subjected to mandatory “consent classes”. In these witch-hunting seminars he will be patronised and told how dangerous his identity is – to the extent that if a similar attitude were taken with any other group, the lawyers would start drooling at the thought of the anti-discrimination work. What’s worse is that by being subject to these classes he will be sent the message that all men are rapists in waiting.



When he leaves these classes he will be subject to a university culture replete with "safe spaces", "zero tolerance" policies, demands that he not attend certain events, calls to #killallwhitemen, feminist jazz hands and a war on "lad culture" (aka. unlicensed joking). He will be public enemy number one. His accusers will back up trumped-up charges with false claims about campus rape and sexual assault, which also harm women through making rape accusations less likely to be believed and by creating an unhealthy atmosphere of mistrust between both genders.



Oh, and he’s also far more likely to drop out of his course altogether.



If he has made it this far, Tommy will leave university with an undergraduate degree – given that he is much less likely to make it to Masters or PhD level than his female classmates. What does he have to look forward to for the rest of his life? Where will his immense privilege and "structural advantage" get him? Will he be one of the men paid less than his female colleagues between the ages of 22 and 29? Will he be one of the men twice as likely to be locked up for committing the same offence as a woman and whose sentence will be 63% longer than hers? Could he be one of the disproportionate number of men who find themselves as the victim of violent crime? Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up as another statistic in the male suicide epidemic that is gripping the western world.



I’m worried about Tommy and his real-life equivalents. They will face all these difficulties and more as they grow up, and in contrast to other groups, will have virtually no foundations, grants, charities or other organisations to stand up for them. They will be on their own and will be expected to make the best of it. Their successes will be dismissed, as "business-as-usual" or chalked-up as further evidence of the all-consuming patriarchy, while others will receive praise for overcoming their adversity.



Regardless of your politics, identity or prejudice - surely we can agree that our boys deserve better than this?


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