Clinton's bad week exposed her weaknesses

16 Sep 2016


Hillary Clinton’s tough week ended as it begun - in a sputtering fashion.


A four minute coughing fit, then onto describing millions of American voters as a “basket of deplorables” (a lovely metaphor) and then finishing off by leaving a memorial service being carried into her ride like she’d just annoyed one too many bouncers on a night out.


All this fed into the overriding narrative that Clinton’s campaign was hiding something from the electorate.


And as silly as the belief that Clinton was suffering from a terminal illness just because of a coughing fit, this should not distract from the base question this week - Just how is Hillary Clinton’s health currently holding up?


The answer: not well, she has been diagnosed with pneumonia - was a far cry from just “allergies”. Hillary certainly isn’t knocking on death’s door but she sure has been telling porky’s again.


The Clinton campaign was left with two choices: admit to a minor health weakness since it had become clearer and clearer that the Democratic candidate was currently suffering from one. Or play into the already existent narrative which paints Clinton as untrustworthy.


They chose the latter and may well suffer for it. The opportunity to nip the issue in the bud and turn the attention right back on their opponent came and went and has left the Democrat’s campaign team admitting that they hadn’t handled the issue well.


And being honest, Clinton’s biggest problem is not even the untrustworthiness (she is a politician after all) but the fact she doesn’t actually seem to be that great a liar.


Take for instance, the video showing her statements regarding the e-mail fiasco being debunked line by line during an FBI press conference and you start to get the idea.


And it was another video that made it impossible for people to brush off concerns regarding the nominees health as the product of madcap conspiracy theorists or desperate Republicans. It was time for Clinton and her team to finally front up.


Of course, there will be a belief that Clinton should be commended for fighting on in the campaign whilst unless and that is a fair point.


But my Grandfather has suffered from pneumonia before and if I had spotted him just out in the garden or walking the dog I wouldn't be patting him on the back and calling him strong - I’d ultimately be admonishing the stupidity on show. Since that is what it is - stupidity.


And it was this week of brain farts which could act to derail Clinton’s bid for the White House against an opponent who has for the most part seemed intent on scoring own goals.


Donald Trump has been surprisingly less bullish since Clinton’s wobble yesterday - and that tells you all you need to know. Trump doesn’t even feel the need to ramp up pandemonium to try and exert more damage onto Clinton’s campaign because they’ve enacted enough themselves already.


Trump even wished his opponent a speedy recovery. Thus showing that worst of all - this episode has granted a man who seems like he carves his own name into every restaurant table he sits at the opportunity to seem Presidential.


Rather than weak or untrustworthy - Clinton can now be viewed as both. And the first debate in two weeks (if it still goes ahead) is now all the more interesting.



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