#4 Watch this

30 Sep 2016

“Watch this.”


“Why? It says that the Blairites and the BBC are paying for it to trend.”


“That’s in the comments section.”


“What’s your point?”


We were on the train on the way home from conference. Sean Miller (our Director of Communications and PR) was in a grump as Paul Mason had gone to sit in first class — and JC and John the Baptist said it wouldn’t be great for PR (Proletariat Relations) if we joined him.


“Why does Shami get to send her kid to Eton but I can’t sit in first class?” — Sean huffed.


JC and John the Baptist didn’t seem to hear, but then it was a rather large vestibule floor we were sat on, on the Virgin West Coast Railway Train.


“So how’s the Shadow Minister of Defence doing?” I ventured.


“Don’t you mean the Shadow Minister of Peace?” Kate quipped.


“Minister of War you mean.” Sean mumbled. I began laughing uproariously at his joke before realising that it was nothing of the sort.


“He’s fine, he’s fine.” Sean went on, as JC and his disciple went to order some warm milk from the food carriage. “Hugging everybody, JC, me…. the Queen of Thornberries.”


“He hugged you?”


“Well yes — but that was before I found out that he went to the JLM rally.”


“What’s wrong with JLM? Their new hair straightening brush is great!” I think that was Jimmy Ryder-Jones our latest recruit from Nomentum.


“So JC was snubbed from Peres’ funeral then?”


“I know, what a joke. They’ll be sorry.”


“What are you going to do about it?”


“We could convince Jackie to stay on?”


I knew any protestations from myself or Kate would just make things awkward, and I’ve seen John the Baptist pretend he wanted to be at a Labour Friends of Israel reception.


It was going to be a long ride home.



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