Gary Johnson - a rose between two thorns

30 Sep 2016

Why should Americans have to settle for a choice between Trump and Clinton when they have Gary Johnson- a rose between two thorns?


An ABC News/Washington Post poll released in August found that Clinton’s unfavourability rating had increased by 6 points during that month, due to questions being asked regarding her private emails and controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation. This leaves the Democrat nominee’s unfavourability rating at 56%.


Yet Trump fares no better. His own rating stands at 63% among U.S. adults.


Recent health stories do not aid Clinton’s popularity. First, she played off her health concerns as a ‘media conspiracy’ only to find herself collapse during a ceremony to commemorate 9/11 a few weeks ago. This comes across as incredibly dishonest.

In a desperate attempt to match her opponent’s rhetoric on defence, she said in July: “If I’m President, we will attack Iran. We will totally obliterate them.”


Yet what is it that makes Trump so unpopular with voters? He has compiled his own exhaustive list of policies and statements that are causing established Republicans to flock to their arch-nemesis: the Democrats. This is a man who has suggested that he wants to bomb the families of terrorists, deport 11 million people from the USA and build a wall to block the border between his country and Mexico. But, he expects the latter to cough up the bill for it. Many opinion polls have cast significant doubt on his ability to build a wall in Mexico, with 78% of people polled by ABC News saying it won’t happen.


Despite this, many voters view the presidential election as a two-horse race. Yet, there is a third candidate who presents a credible alternative to these two atrocious candidates: Gary Johnson, the candidate for the Libertarian Party.


There is no denying that he made a profound mistake on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Jo’ when he failed to comprehend what the interviewer meant by Aleppo. As Philip Bump of The Washington Post said: he “blanked on the word.”


But in a humble moment where a candidate confesses to making an error, and it takes a person with considerable courage to admit to it, Johnson explained his gaffe. Regarding the numerous errors his rivals have made so far, this one is less controversial.


Johnson is also a man who possesses a number of sensible policies. He is pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, pro-free trade and opposed to military interventions. He also wants to ensure immigrants gain a visa before entering America. Johnson cleverly portrays himself as the sane alternative to dumb and dumber.


This makes him a rose between two thorns. Before many Americans resign themselves to voting for one of the main parties, they should consider the third way between the Republican and Democrat nominees.




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