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11 Oct 2016

In a new regular feature for Westminster HUB we will be taking a look at the latest political news through the eyes of Twitter.  Political conversation  is increasingly taking place in social media format, so in this feature we will aim to bring you the very best tweets on the latest and greatest topics. If you spot any tweets that you think could be worth mentioning in our next edition please get in touch. Without any further ado here is the week according to Twitter.


Conservative Conference

The major event in UK politics this week has been the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. A number of new policies were shared as well as the usual conference festivities, including an increase in student doctors, the UK army opting out of two parts of human rights legislation, as well as a timetable for Brexit unveiled.


Theresa May kicked-off the conference by appearing on the Andrew Marr Show, where she made a big announcement regarding when the UK triggers article 50 and begins leaving the EU.  

This announcement was warmly welcomed by some in the media, including Monday’s Daily Mail which ran this front page.


On Monday Philip Hammond took to the stage and announced he would no longer be looking to balance the books by 2019/20, before painting a cautious economic future.

Although he did at least receive some support from his predecessor George Osborne.


However Nick Robinson took note of the muted response for the old Cameron/Osborne regime at conference. 



On Tuesday former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown appeared angered at the news that UK soldiers in war zones would no longer be held to two parts of the human rights agreement.


Finally, as Liz Truss took to the conference stage there were homages from some Twitter users to one of the most well-known speeches from Conservative conferences of recent times.





Ed Balls on Strictly

The other major political story of the week was the second appearance of Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night. Although his marks from the judges weren’t that great, the reaction on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive from right across the political spectrum.


There was even support from someone he had fought with across the despatch box in parliament. 

We look forward to another Saturday night of glitterballs this weekend.





Quiet Corbyn Springs a Surprise

There was much discussion on Twitter this week that while the Conservative Party Conference announced a string of fairly major policies the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, was nowhere to be found. Inevitably people on Twitter began to speculate…..


In well-known opposition to Jeremy’s leadership, Saving Labour decided to start a poll of where Jeremy might be.


Jeremy had made an appearance on Twitter but his tweets were to remind people about a Labour film festival.

But it only took until Thursday for Jeremy to hit the headlines again with a shadow cabinet reshuffle which caught many journalists by surprise.


One of the biggest moves in the reshuffle was the sacking of long standing chief whip Rosie Winterton, who was replaced by Nick Brown. It shocked a number of people in the party. 

The fact that the reshuffle lasted quite late in to the evening seemed to be taking its toll on Jeremy. It appeared he considered himself a proud Welshwoman in a moment of confusion.




That’s all from this edition of Politics by Twitter; we hope it has left you fairly well informed of what the main issues have been. If you would like to follow any of our editors on Twitter follow this link ( to get all the information you’ll need.





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