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17 Oct 2016

Once again it has been a busy week of political discussion on social media with Brexit continuing to dominate the news following a debate in Parliament, another PMQs and even marmite making headlines. Take a look at the weeks biggest issues with some of our handpicked tweets.


Brexit Debate

This was one of the biggest talking points of the past week with MPs from all sides highlighting the importance of single market membership and the right of MP’s to scrutinise the negotiations. This was set against the backdrop of a continually declining value of sterling on the stock market which added some urgency to the debate.


MP David Lammy suggested there was growing cross party consensus for greater parliamentary scrutiny of any deal. 




While others saw the debate as MP’s attempting to subvert the result that 17 million people voted for.


Former Labour leader, Ed Miliband, argued there was no mandate for the so-called ‘hard Brexit’ which some suspect the government is targeting.


Meanwhile Sky News’ political editor, Faisal Islam, noted another positive performance from Jeremy Corbyn in PMQs while also being impressed by the performance of shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer.



Fellow journalist, George Eaton, thought Jeremy Corbyn had identified some good areas of attack around Brexit during PMQs.







Polling Leads

This week also saw the release of two interesting poll results from either side of the Atlantic. Following a dramatic week in the Presidential race in the United States including the release of some damning Trump tapes and a heated debate, Hillary Clinton opened up a double digit lead over her opponent Donald Trump.



On this side of the Atlantic, there was another poll released which showed a dramatic lead for the Conservative Party. The ICM poll, released on Monday, showed a 17 point lead for Theresa May’s Conservatives over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, which is their second largest lead ever.




This poll was bad news for Jeremy Corbyn as at the same point in the Parliamentary cycle back in 2011, Ed Miliband’s Labour achieved a 4 point lead.




However there was some good news for Labour as a YouGov poll, released on Wednesday, suggested that most Londoners believed that Sadiq Khan was doing a good job as mayor. 58% of those polled said he was doing a good job, an increase of 13% since July, while just 14% said he was doing badly.







The Brexit debate took an unexpected turn on Thursday as marmite hit the headlines. It transpired that makers Unilever were asking for an increased amount of money from Tesco due to the greater import price following the decline of sterling. This resulted in a number of products, including marmite, going missing from the shelves. Typically Twitter saw the funny side of the issue which inspired the hashtag #marmitegate.







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