We must leave the NUS – before it’s too late

27 Oct 2016

Even if we don't have one, we'd probably all recognise the little blue cards that many students carry round in their wallets. These are the membership cards of the National Union of Students (NUS), a fanatical organisation that's been hitting headlines for recent controversies over anti-Semitism and suppressing free speech.


Arguing for the disbandment of the NUS is something that has become increasingly credible. Student disdain for the NUS is thankfully growing: Oxbridge is holding a referendum on NUS membership; an open letter at Durham Uni calls for disaffiliation; a number of other universities, like York, are considering abandoning this ridiculous institution altogether.


Successive generations of students have seen the wildly throttling hands of insanity grip ever more tightly on the neck of the NUS. The NUS is a cacophony of quacks; a tyranny of twerps; a platform for no-platformers; a walking, seething contradiction, presiding over a Reign of Error. It is now so far removed from the wishes of Britain's student body as to be irreparable 


The list of charges against the NUS is long. Firstly: it's increasingly a megaphone for anti-Semites. The NUS President, Malia Bouattia was caught on camera calling Birmingham University a “Zionist outpost” and has repeatedly refused to apologise for her comments.


The NUS is also very undemocratic, it is incredible to think that Malia was elected President on a tiny mandate of four hundred delegates, representing a tiny minority of UK students.


It fails to stand up for the rights of students, regardless of race, class, creed, or gender: the modern NUS is propped up on discrimination, hateful rhetoric, and whackjob ideas that have spiralled into lunacy.


The NUS has crushed student-led discussion. A spate of no-platforming across the country denies students the right to hear contrary views. A conscientious, reasonable student who cares about freedom of speech will surely agree: the NUS has to be disbanded in order for us to begin anew. 


A more perfect union must be formed. This union must condemn censorship of reasonable opinions, and promote debate on campus. Instead of passing resolutions all afternoon, this union must reconnect with students. One student must have one vote in this union -- and then we may call it democratic. 


The NUS has sailed longer than it needs to.  A crash is heard; the ship slams into the iceberg; freezing water enters the hull. The NUS, at last, is sinking. We must get to the lifeboats -- whilst we still can. 

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