Donald Trump Wins Presidential Election

9 Nov 2016


Donald Trump has been elected 45th President of the United States, holding 278 electoral votes, whilst Clinton holds 218. He will start office from the 20th January 2017.


Here are some of the key results:



Virginia - Clinton

Worth 13 electoral votes, Virginia was one of the first results to come in. Although the state voted for Barack Obama in both 2008 and 2012, it was previously staunchly Republican.



Georgia - Trump

An important state for Trump, Georgia is worth 16 electoral votes. It has voted Republican since 1996, but its support for the GOP has waned in recent times.



North Carolina - Trump

This is the keystone state for both parties. With a high African-American and Hispanic population, North Carolina can count on Democrat voters, however, with a high number of poor, white voters in the rural areas, many of whom used to work in the textile industry before jobs were lost to south east Asia, Trump has also been able to secure support. North Carolina's result acted as an early indicator for how the rest of the election results would pan out.



Ohio - Trump

Ohio is one of the key swing states, worth 18 electoral votes. They've backed the winner since World War Two, and have done so again by voting for Trump.



Florida - Trump

Worth a whopping 29 electoral votes, it's no wonder Florida is a crucial state to win. Voting for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but voting for George W. Bush prior to that, Florida has often been a close tie between the parties. Trump's victory here gave him a huge boost.



Pennsylvania - Trump

Pennsylvania has voted Democrat for the past six elections, so a Trump victory here was certainly a surprise, giving him 20 electoral votes.



New Hampshire - Clinton

Although only worth 4 votes, New Hampshire was of great interest to both candidates, as polls predicted it was a dead heat. A support base for Sanders when he was running to be a presidential nominee, his Democrat counterpart managed to take the state.



Illinois - Clinton

As Obama's home state, Illinois was a fairly easy victory for Clinton, giving her another 20 electoral votes.



New York - Clinton

The home of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, New York is worth a huge 29 electoral votes. Having heavily favoured Clinton in the polls, it was a safe state for her.



Wisconsin - Trump

Worth 10 votes, Trump made last-minute pushes to try to turn the previously Democrat state in his favour.



Arizona - Trump

Voting Republican since the 1950s (with the exception of Bill Clinton), Arizona was predicted to be a close call. Trump's victory here secured him 11 electoral votes.



California - Clinton

Offering 55 electoral votes, California is the biggest prize in the whole election. A Democratic stronghold for many years, Clinton's inevitable victory here bolstered her numbers.


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