#10 Donald Trump mobilised the white working class - you can’t say the same for Tony Blair

10 Nov 2016


I barely got any sleep last night, wracking my brains trying to work out what the hell this article in The Canary was on about. Is it an attempt at Clinton/Corbyn satire? And may I ask, what is wrong with being the maddest person in the room? Or picking a candidate from “off the street”?


It’s far better to do that than pick a member of the liberal metropolitan elite, or worse, a woman who’s only got to where she is because of her husband.


And besides, before he was leader for all eternity, JC was normally to be found taking photos of manholes on “the street”. Where did Bill expect us to find him?


Saying all that, I was concerned to see The (fiercely independent) Canary going so off-message. With regard to Trump’s victory, they wrote; the people clearly want “More disparity. More institutional racism. More war. More greed. More lies. More pies.”


Aside from the pies, I beg to differ. If our Momentum polling is anything to go by, the people want a state-controlled press; education “service”; open borders and socialism with an iPad!


My morning did not improve with the Queen of Thornberries praising Trump’s policies on Radio 4. Though I actually think we need her on the airwaves more; if Maccy Donnell keeps on about casual neo-Stalinism, together with her historical revisionism — maybe they’ll balance out and the Labour Party will reach some kind of Third Way?


I have to say I agree with Queen Emily. I know “President Trump” is not an ideal term to go down in the history books , but he has mobilised the white working class. You couldn’t say that about Tony Blair.


Clearly it’s a movement calling for a new economic model. Like Brexit , just with more patriarchy. And about the same amount of white supremacy.


It’s like Ken said to me this morning, “Hitler”… etc.


It’s a shame really, because as positive as a Trump victory has been for us, a Bernie victory would have been slightly easier for 2020, (please Marx it is 2020 and not a moment before). Why was Clinton willing to step aside for pale, stale, male Bill but not for the Bern? It smacks of ageism.


Anyway enough about the US election — simply another crisis point for social democracy that should be welcomed by anyone wanting real change. Much like 9/11, Iraq and the third runway!


Time for me to get on with the work in hand. The Labour First Coup Part II: Return of the Bruiser. (I’ve started drafting the screenplay in case there’s an early election and I find myself suddenly without work. How can I be a revolutionary if I’m not working? Lucky that Red Ken pays me to sell copies of Militancy Today at demonstrations — I’m doing the NUS demo next week. There’s no better feeling than that of returning home after an honest day’s work.)


Anyway back to the task in hand. I’m so glad I have The Canary, with its independent “Fresh, fearless journalism” to summarise Coup II for me.


How dare those scabbites, Labour First; act like a Party within a Party? Organising conferences that clash with official Labour Party ones; running candidates in CLP elections... And all backed up by that staunch Blairite Tom Watson. It’s a bloody disgrace!


Anyway I’m going to contact The Canary see if they’ll give us their data to organise against Labour First for the upcoming all-member meetings in constituency Labour Parties. Onwards to victory!


Feeling as smug as Stalin must have felt when he gave Lenin the wrong date for Lenin’s funeral, I headed off to lunch with a spring in my step and then home. Another honest day’s work.


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