Stop protesting against Donald Trump's victory

12 Nov 2016


Although usually a Republican, for many reasons, I could not support Trump during this election. However, there are some things that need to be said to those who are vehemently protesting the democratic result.


To those who are protesting Trump’s victory, just ask yourself, if Hilary Clinton had succeeded on Tuesday night and was now President-Elect, and angry Trump supporters had taken to the streets in passionate protests, burning sculptures of Clinton, how would people have reacted?


It would be seen as a dangerous assault on democracy, denounced by many. These people would have been called ‘extremists’ and ‘fascists’ for protesting a democratic result in such a way. So why do anti-Trump protesters have a right to react in such a way?


One of the most important parts of a liberal democracy is the idea that the losing side accepts a democratic result and allows for a peaceful transition of power. I’m sure most of the protestors would calls themselves liberals and say that they are supporters of democracy, so why will they not support this core value of a liberal democracy?


The people who hold a view disagreeing with Trump should work on opposing his policies by lobbying their Representatives, lobbying their Senators, attempting to cause the change that they want through peaceful means - not taking to the streets, which will achieve nothing.


Trump is going to be President and that cannot be changed.


These protesters live in a representative democracy, their political representatives are part of the people, elected by the people and working for the people.


Get off the streets, stop protesting, and accept democracy. The thing America needs most now is unity, so work for achieving unity, work together, as one, for your United States.



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