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17 Nov 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of This Week on Twitter for Westminster HUB where we take a look at the week’s biggest political news through the eyes of Twitter. This week politicians have been trying to make sense of the recent political earthquakes in Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Theresa May gave a speech to a gathering of lawyers, business leaders and politicians at Mansion House in which she attempted to deliver her reading of events.


Meanwhile a leaked memo on Brexit, specifically the lack of planning for it, caused many problems for the government and gave extra ammunition for those attempting to criticise the project. There was also news of who Donald Trump could be relying on in his first four years as President. Here is our weekly briefing of the political news as seen through the eyes of social media.


Contrasting Monday Evenings


On Monday evening both Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May were addressing events. Theresa May made a speech to Mansion House while Jeremy Corbyn was hosting a Labour Parliamentary Party meeting. It is fair to say that neither got particularly warm reviews on social media. In Theresa May’s speech she declared that politicians, businesses and leaders must learn the lessons from recent political shocks and listen to what the country is saying.

Jess Phillips, a Labour MP in Birmingham, scoffed at the tone of Theresa May’s speech as she told the establishment not to forget the rest of the country while dressed in golden robes in a gold-laden room.

Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn apparently faced questions on article 5 of the NATO treaty which states that member states would defend another member if attacked. His answers did not impress some of the Labour MP's in the meeting according to the editor of Politics Home


Leaked Brexit Memo


On Tuesday The Times newspaper made a splash with a leaked memo on the front cover. The memo revealed that the government was struggling to keep on top of their Brexit plans with arguments on what to focus on within the cabinet as well as the civil service struggling with over 500 Brexit related projects. There was a mixture of reactions on Twitter; some were not surprised while others made jokes about it.

Meanwhile Downing Street was quick to deny any of the memo’s information suggesting instead that they are given the time to get on with the Brexit job.

Some Twitter users had been quick to react with their calculators after reading that the civil service may need up to 50,000 more employees to handle the Brexit workload.

Many on Twitter saw the news as confirmation that the government’s hesitancy to reveal their plans meant they actually had no plan. Those users seized on the opportunity to make light out of the news.


Trump Cabinet Troubles


In the time since becoming President-Elect Donald Trump has been creating headlines with his attempts to put a cabinet together. Speculation has been rife that he is struggling to fill positions and there are arguments within Trump Towers as to who gets which position. The President-Elect himself tried to put the rumours to bed with a tweet.

As usual on Twitter there were those that tried to make fun of the issue with one user comparing his policy to build a wall with his apparent difficulties to form his own cabinet.

It emerged during the week that Donald Trump may have offered a position in his cabinet to one of his Republican candidate rivals, Ben Carson. It seems that the Presidential hopeful turned down the offer suggesting he didn’t have the governmental experience despite his Presidential efforts earlier in 2016.


The coming week will see Philip Hammond's first budget with the Autumn statement planned for 23rd November. We will undoubtedly see further Brexit discussions but whether any more detail will emerge, even after Philip Hammond's statement, is unclear. Donald Trump will be continuing talks on forming his new cabinet while the build-up to the Richmond Park by-election in London will intensify as we near the December 1st election date.  


Follow Backbench and Westminster Hub on Twitter for the latest political news and opinions. The Week on Twitter will be back with a roundup of the week’s biggest political headlines next week. To follow any of our editors on Twitter follow this link for all the information you’ll need.


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