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Some of the best comment articles from around the blogosphere this week.



The life and times of Fidel Castro

The Economist



Tony Blair's unfinished business

Jason Cowley - New Statesman



Washington Post editor Marty Baron has a message to journalists in the Trump era

Martin Baron - Vanity Fair



How the Democrats could win again, if they wanted

Thomas Frank - The Guardian




Brexit in the balance: exactly what is at stake in the Supreme Court?

Joshua Rozenburg - The Spectator



Italy referendum: all you need to know about Renzi's crunch vote

Stephanie Kirchgaessner - The Guardian



Say no to the "progressive alliance"

Rob Francis - Medium



Richmond by-election shock: Theresa May's Brexit weakness revealed

Ian Dunt - Politics.co.uk



A year without frames

Hani Al-Moulia - The World in 2017





On Backbench

French Presidential election: Fillon in the driving seat to take on LePen



The shocking hypocrisy surrounding Castro's death

Nathan Philips









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