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31 Dec 2016

Ritual sentimentality is a common feature of New Year’s Eve. Reflecting upon 2016, it is clear the world has witnessed major political fluctuations that have shaken politics to its core. 


Polls underestimated the power of reactionary politics, and populism proved its power. Many were taken by surprise at Trump's election victory and the Brexit vote, whilst the emergence of the alt-right could offer yet more surprises next year. With such topics in mind, here are 16 of our best articles from this year.



1. Jeremy Corbyn: Paranoia and power

Sam Bright




2. A tribute to Jo Cox

Backbench Editors





3. Russia, Iran and Turkey: the new power troika

Ali Goldman




4. Our super nerdy political guide to Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who

Westminster HUB




5. On Donald Trump

Rory Claydon




6. We asked: 'Is Britain First in terminal decline?'

Paddy Baker




7. Postmodern populism: why we must learn to tread carefully in the online world

Toby Fountain




8. A nation divided

Sam Bright




9. Why did Colombia vote against a peace deal?

Allie Nawrat




10. Trump supporters in Philadelphia explain their politics

Will Fremont-Barnes




11. IDS - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Westminster HUB




12. The SNP's success is nothing to do with nationalism

Will Kitson




13. For Austria's far-right, the surge has only just begun

Ben Cullimore




14. Are we really going to 'take back control'?

Eddie Fenwick




15. Victory for the SNP censors

Calum Henderson




16. 2016 was the year of political mistruths

Ollie Lincoln



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