#16 Brexit and the socialist world state

21 Jan 2017

I’ve heard that if you get elected onto a Momentum Committee, you can get a blue tick on Twitter so I threw my ushanka into the ring.


I surprised I don’t have a tick already considering my role on the Momentum Committee 2016–2026 (ten year terms allow you to really get your teeth into the role) but there’s the MSM (mainstream media) for you.


The office is up in non-violent arms about the three-line whip for the Brexit vote. We’ve only just got over the fact that Momentum will now require its supporters to be party members. How can Momentum hold the Labour party to account if they are working on the inside?


Anyway, on the Brexit vote. Sean Milner our Director of Communications and PR (Proletariat Relations) says it’s “not what the new politics is about”. One would assume he wasn’t happy we were whipping our MPs, particularly the rebels of the PPP (Progress Parliamentary Party), but he was actually just annoyed Article 50 hadn’t been triggered the day after the vote (like someone else I know).


It’s all futile anyway. Like the dear leader, I don’t believe in nation states anyway so all the fuss about immigration is beyond me.


And as we’re going to start saying to our “core vote” in industrial heartlands, hashtag rebrand, migration won’t exist under the socialist world state anyway so everyone needs to chill.


Under socialism, there would be no need to migrate to better one’s life as it would just be shit everywhere. The same level of shit. Everywhere.



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