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11 Mar 2017

Some of the best articles from around the blogosphere this week.


Spreadsheet Phil plots a quiet revolution

Rachel Sylvester - The Times




Brexit forces are starting to get the jitters about 2019

Ian Dunt - Politics.co.uk



The Tories' tax troubles show how tough they will find Brexit 

Stephen Bush - New Statesman



Salmond's National Party

Stephen Daisley - stephendaisley.com



How left or right-wing are Britain's newspapers?

Matthew Smith - The Times



Donald Trump and the meaning of America

Alex Massie - CAPX



The destruction of Mecca

The Economist



The first real test for a Trumpian GOP

Jake Kovacs - Backbench




'Everywoman' by Jess Philips, review

Calum Henderson - Backbench







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