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26 Mar 2017

Some of the best articles from around the blogosphere this week.


Empire 2.0 is dangerous nostalgia for something that never existed

David Olusoga - The Guardian



Bravery and simple humanity have shown Westminster at its best

Jonathon Freedland - The Guardian



Life after No.10  is not what David Cameron was hoping for

Stephen Robinson - The Spectator


Why GDP is no longer a good measure

Paul Wallace - Prospect Magazine



Martin McGuinness: A life of two halves

Kevin Meagher - Politics.co.uk


Look out America! Here comes Katie Hopkins with her London-loathing hate speech

Marina Hyde - The Guardian



EU's goal in Brexit talks: Divorce first

David M. Herszenhorn - Politico


Osborne's job lowers standards in politics and journalism

Oliver Lincoln - Backbench







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