Election night reactions as they happened

9 Jun 2017

There's never a dull moment in politics and last night's general election was no exception. Along with twenty political party members, I watched the results unfurl from the BBC Five Live studio in Salford. 


In between shock results, trips to a well-supplied buffet and the odd radio stint, I went around and asked those watching what they thought as the night went on. 


Christopher Barber (Lab), East Dunbartonshire.


Exit polls


"The night's been a shock to me as with most other people in the country. Obviously a hung parliament scenario, I think what we're seeing is people actually resonating with Jeremy Corbyn's message.


"Despite being written off by many senior politicians as well as the mainstream media, his proposed policies like free tuition fees as well as a £10 living wage really resonated on the doorstep. Obviously it's still early in the night but it seems Labour is going to perform much better than the pundits and the so-called wise men of politics imagined. We'll see how it goes."


03:10 am: Corbyn re-elected.


"I'm absolutely delighted he's been elected with one of the largest majorities in parliamentary history. Think it goes to show not just in Islington North but across Britain is that Jeremy is a decent and honest politician."













Oli Colson (Con), Brighton.


00:40 am: First few seats have been declared. 


 "Strange night so far,  what we're seeing is the exit poll been proved wrong. The Tories are gaining seats in the North-West which is positive but overall it's still not a very good picture so far."


02:15 am:


"Well we're holding a lot of places but there have been a few losses, quite sad. Really sad to see some MPs go, David Nuttall in Bury North, Jane Elison who was a fantastic Treasury minister and brilliant MP for Battersea.


"It's frustrating, everybody said at the start of the campaign not to be complacnet, on the ground we have't been it's just the national campaign has. Obviously it's at a point where it's still not totally clear, maybe in an hour or so we'll have some more promising news but at the moment it doesn't look too good."


Do you think the Conservatives can still win a majority?


"I wouldn't want to say"


03:20 am. Theresa May re-elected.


"Theresa May is gone as leader. The party will have to topple her, simply because this is a very disappointing result. We started the campaign with a twenty, twenty-one point lead with the potential of getting 50 per cent of the vote which hasn't happened since the 1950s.


"[May] is loosing seats left, right and centre in England, so she has to step down and make way for a new face who can rejig the party and take it back to the centre ground where it should be. Not to the Milliband-ite left."



Ross Sutton (SNP), East Renfrewshire. 


Exit polls:


"So the exit poll has been quite disappointing . I'd be lying if I said it wasn't but I think there's a couple of things we need to remember. This is just an exit poll, cliches and caveats do apply.


"The other thing is, we are still on 34 seats so that is a clear wish of the Scottish people that they want to have the SNP in their corner. The vast majority of Scottish seats are SNP and our MPs will go to Westminster and fight for Scotland's place.


"The other thing I would say is say these numbers are correct it is now down to Jeremy Corbyn to keep May out of Downing Street. It is now his chance and onus to work with the SNP, to have a progressive alliance, work issue by issue to lock the Tories out of No.10"


1:30am: Mariah Black re-elected.


"I don't think that 34 is necessarily the number we'll get. We've just had Mariah Black re-elected and I would like to think that the people of Scotland recognise there is a need for Scottish champions in Westminster. I hope Mariah Black will replicate the trend nationally but it will be very tight, especially in places like Gordon [Salmond's constituency].


"I think a bigger story will be the potential loss of Amber Rudd's seat, if I was a Conservative I wouldn't be laughing at SNP losses, I'd be more concerned with my own patch". 


2:18am: Angus Robertson defeated. 


"It's disappointing obviously as there was a fantastic campaign to try and keep that seat. It was always going to be an uphill task, the Tories poured a lot of money into that campaign. However it's always a shame to lose such good MPs and Angus has been a cracking one. He's been a thorn in the side of Theresa May, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gutted but all I can do is wish Angus well."


4:20am. Alex Salmond defeated. 


"Alex's lost is sad and we're all really feeling for him, but this will not be the end of Salmond. He will come back fighting from this.


"I'm feeling very positive still, this is the second best general election result the SNP have ever had. If you'd hav said even four years ago that we would win 34 seats, I wouldn't have believed you."


What do you think about the threat that Labour and the Conservatives have made massive inroads into Scotland?


"They've had a good night by their standards, but at the end of the day they;ve still lost the Scottish election. The SNP have won more seats than the Unionist parties combined and we are still winning."


Do you think there's still a mandate for another independence referendum?


"If Scotland returns a majority for the SNP then that for me highlights  a mandate for independence."




Sebastian Cheek, Southwest Surrey and Will Lewisham East (UKIP).



2:15 am. Labour increase hold on Hartlepool, a UKIP target. 


"Quite disappointing as we've gone down 17 per cent especially as Labour and Tories share went up. In 2015, Hartlepool was one we only just missed out on by twenty votes but tonights result are the opposite. Where the UKIP vote drops is going to Labour.


"To finish third is very disappointing especially when the Tories who came in second had three times the share of the vote. We campaigned hard there but its very reflective of the UKIP vote dropping like a stone nationally."


03:45am. UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall defeated at Boston and Skegness.


"I didn't expect him to win the seat, but to come third is very bad. The conservative guy who came second was a remain in what was one of the highest Brexit areas of the country.


"Nuttall has been a complete failure as leader but he's had such a big act to follow, Farage was one of the most influential politicians of our time. Nuttall had a mammoth task which he couldn't deliver, he should resign as an honourable man. John Rhys-evans should consider standing, it's a shame Stephen Woolfe is no longer in the party."


Is UKIP a spent force?


"When we see the Brexit deal in front of us then I'll be able to answer that, the results show we don;'t even know who's gonna be in the government and what kind of Brexit they're gonna deliver."


Ellie (Lib Dem), Durham 



Exit Polls. 


"Seeing the results come in, it looks like it's going to be a hung parliament which I;m happy about as it stops Theresa May carry on with her hard Brexit. It's a good result so far, I mean anything could be better than the eight seats in 2015."


If it's a hung parliament, would you be happy with the Lib Dems in coalition again?


"No, the Lib Dems need to stay as their own party. The more they go into coalition the more they loose their identity and a clear set of policies. They are a viable alternative to the Tories and Labour, Tim Farron needs to stick to his guns and maintain our political independence."


02:50am. Nick Clegg defeated.


"It's a really bittersweet moment for me right now. On the one hand Jo Swinson has been able to hold onto his seat and she'a abolsutely amaxing candidate. But Nick Clegg has lost his seat and that's absolutely heartbreaking. We just need to keep eight seats and I'll be happy."


Tim Farron re-elected on narrow majority.


"It's not the best result but the fact that we've managed to keep our leader is really good, a bit of good nes after the Clegg result."


With such a slim majoirty, are you confident?


"Yeah, he's made a lot of electoral progress with trhe party and he shouldn't resign"







Josh, Welsh Labour.




01:30am. Tom Watson re-elected.


"I feel we need a stronger move to the left. To be the deputy leader you need to be fully on board with Corbyn and I'm not sure Tom Watson is. I mean a Labour victory is a Labour victory but I hope there will be a cabinet reshuffle and that he'll be moved somewhere else.


Rebecca Long-Bailey would be an ideal deputy leader, she's right behind Corbyn and has a solid presentation skill.




"I mean there's going to be a coalition and there's talk of a Conservative DUP alliance which I really wouldn't want. Would the SNP work with Labour? I honestly couldn't tell you, but I don't think we'll have a second election."

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