The final result

9 Jun 2017

The final result has been announced, and it is a hung parliament. The result is as follows:


Conservatives: 318 (-16)

Labour: 261 (+30)

Liberal Democrats: 13 ( +5)

SNP: 35 (-21)

UKIP: 0 (-1)

Green Party: 1 (0)

DUP: 10 (+2)



The results are in line with the exit poll, which predicted a hung parliament, with the Conservatives holding 314 seats (17 seats down from 2015).


The parties will now have to scramble to create a coalition government, though it appears it is impossible to form one, as the Lib Dems have ruled out making any deals, and divisions over Brexit inevitably throw a spanner in the works.


It is possible the Conservatives will look to the Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to make a coalition, but it seems increasingly likely that there will have to be another election.


The Conservatives have benefited from a large number of UKIP supporters moving to them, but this was still an abysmal night for the Tories, who expected this to be an easy election for them.


Labour have performed better than expected, gaining thirty seats, with some very suprising victories. This gives Corbyn an excuse to stay on as leader. This election is still not much of a cause for celebration though, as Labour are fifty-seven seats behind the Tories.


It has been a disappointing election for the SNP, who have lost many of their seats to the Conservatives. The SNP's big-hitters Angus Robertson and Alex Salmond both lost their seats.


The Liberal Democrats have performed well, but Nick Clegg lost his seat, and Tim Farron gained only a narrow victory. Meanwhile, Vince Cable achieved a whopping 34,000 votes in Twickenham, putting him in a excellent position to be the next party leader should Farron step down.


It remains to be seen what Theresa May's next move will be, but her position as Prime Minsiter is untenable, seeing as she has cost the Conservatives their majority. With Tory victories in Scotland, Ruth Davidson will no doubt be on the radar as the next UK Conservative leader, as will Boris Johnson.



Here are the results from some of the key constituencies.


Darlington - Labour victory

- Conservative target seat

- Labour hold it with 22,681 votes.

- The Conservatives received 19,401 votes.

- The Conservatives still gained a 8.1% increase in votes from 2015, with UKIP suffering a 10% drop.



Tooting - Labour victory

- A Conservative victory here would have been an indication of a landslide. Labour was worried about this seat, with Sadiq Khan no longer its MP, and gentrification swallowing up the area.

- Labour hold the constituency with a 15,000 vote majority, increasing their vote share from 2015.



Angus - Conservative victory

- The Tories gained the seat from the SNP - a remarkable result, as it was 126th place on the Conservative's target list.

- One of the few gains the Tories could possibly have made in Scotland.

- 18,448 votes for the Conservatives; 15,503 for the SNP.



Moray - Conservative victory

- Angus Robertson lost his seat.

- The Conservatives received 22,637 votes.

- The SNP received 18,478 votes.

- Swing from SNP to Conservatives by 14%.



Sheffield Hallam - Labour victory

- Nick Clegg lost his seat.

- The Lib Dems received 19,756 votes.

- Labour received 21,881 votes.

- 4% swing from Labour to Lib Dems.



Ipswich - Labour victory

- Ben Gummer, one of the key figures behind the Conservative manifesto, lost his seat.

- Surrounded by safe Conservative constituencies.

- Labour received 24,224 votes.

- The Conservatives received 23,393 votes.



Westmorland & Lonsdale - Lib Dem victory

- There were fears during the night that Tim Farron could lose his seat, and it was a very close result.

- The Lib Dems received 23,686 votes.

- The Conservatives received 22,909 votes.



Boston & Skegness - Conservative victory

- Paul Nuttall lost his seat in a humiliating defeat, with just 3,306 votes

- The Conservatives received 27,271 votes.



Thurrock - Conservative victory

- A vulnerable Conservative seat.

- A very narrow victory, with 19,880 votes for the Conservatives, and 19,535 for Labour.



Islington North - Labour

- Jeremy Corbyn holds onto his seat, with 40,086 votes.



Belfast South - DUP victory

- The UK's only four-way marginal.

- The Democratic Unionists took the seat from the Social Democratic & Labour Party (SDLP).

- The DUP received 13,299 votes.

- The SDLP received 11,303 votes.



Renfrewshire East - Conservative victory

- A tight three-way between the SNP, Labour, and Conservatives.

- The SNP lost their seat.

- The Conservatives received 21,496 votes.

- The SNP received 16,784 votes.



Canterbury - Labour victory

- An astounding victory for Labour.

- Held by the Conservatives since 1918.

- It is likely there was a remarkably high turnout of young voters here, which ultimately gave Labour the upper hand.

- Labour received 25,572 votes.

- The Conservatives received 25,385 votes



Maidenhead - Conservative victory

- Theresa May holds onto her seat with 37,718 votes.

-  Labour received 11,261 votes.



Croydon Central - Labour victory

- A tight marginal area.

- Labour took this seat from the Conservatives.

- Labour received 29,873 votes.

- The Conservatives received 24,221 votes.



Richmond Park - Conservative victory

- The ever-tragic Zac Goldsmith has very narrowly avoided another political embarrassment and has kept his seat.

- The Conservatives received 28,588 votes.

- The Lib Dems received 28,543 votes.



Birmingham Yardley - Labour victory

- Jess Phillips retains her seat with a huge majority, despite some fears of a possible Lib Dem takeover.

- Labour received 25,398 votes.

- The Lib Dems received 7,984 votes.



Brighton Pavillion - Green victory

- Caroline Lucas has held onto her seat with a comfortable victory. Her party received 30,140 votes.

- Labour received 13,450 votes.





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