De-selecting MPs would be a huge mistake

8 Jul 2017


Labour achieved a remarkable election result, of that there is no doubt. Neither is there any doubt that his position is safe from any challenge. So why not put an end to the push from some activists for the de-selection of some MPs that have been disloyal to Corbyn?


One of the greatest results of this election, apart from the increase in seats, is the new unity of the Labour Party. Some of Corbyn’s harshest critics in the PLP are now supporting him and willing to serve under him. Indeed, he is now being defended by those very same MPs for any show of disloyalty - as shown by the reaction to Chuka Umunna’s amendment.


While the Tories are completely divided on almost every issue, the situation could hardly be better for Corbyn right now.


Yet, he could be about to throw it all away. Calls have been made from Momentum activists for MPs who are 'disloyal' to be de-selected. Forget the moral arguments, this would be political suicide for Labour.


The media will undoubtedly focus on bitter Labour infighting - the very same infighting that many Corbyn supporters, myself included, argued had severely damaged the Party. Such divisions would not only give the Conservatives time to sort out their own leadership situation, but could also lead to a split in the Labour Party which could destroy it as an electoral force.


If Labour is truly interested in electoral success, it must preserve its unity. Corbyn should condemn any talk of de-selection. It is time for the Party to look outward and win the next election.




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